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"You rock, Polly!  These cover letter techniques really help!"

Charles Baran

Online Submissions

“Polly’s class is like a  beggar showing other beggars where to find bread . . . except she shows us we’re not beggars . . . and that, actually, we’re the bread.” 

Callie Jean Lewis

Casting Director Workshop

"I feel more confident than I did before about how to submit myself, buzz words to use and buzz words to look out for (and avoid!).  So worth it!!"

Andrew Rabensteine

Online Submission Coaching

"Polly brings her warmth, undeniable humor, and ability to connect to every consult I have taken with her. Polly has a way of infusing her energy and wisdom into this virtual space and make it feel like she is really there with you physically. You can imagine, then, what she is like in a live, in person class- this and better!  She's a stellar mentor, confidante and source of knowledge for anyone braving this business and looking to pave their own path toward their individual goals."

Laura Betz

"Have I said to you how helpful the Online Submission class was? Really! I started getting responses immediately. This is such a new world for me and you have made it a lot easier to navigate."

Peter Van Derick

Online Submission Coaching

"Polly McKie is a genius at helping actors set concrete, achievable goals - then holding us accountable to actually accomplish them. She is a friendly, no-nonsense spirit guide in the wilderness of this sometimes inscrutable business."

"Polly not only helps me stay on track, she has great suggestions to help me move forward when I get stalled." 

Brian Hotaling

"She has given me so much more confidence and new ideas on how to work in this business."

John Champion

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“Polly provides excellent advice and guidance on how to get your materials in order and build relationships with casting directors. She is generous enough to share her own personal experience while simultaneously honing in on your specific needs and providing a clear road map for you to continue to make progress on your career goals long after the session has finished. I left each day of the workshop with copious notes, homework, and an action plan on how to move forward. My only regret is not working with The Actor’s Friend sooner!”

Kelsey Sheppard

Casting Director Workshop

  It's impossible not to feel about a thousand times better about everything after Polly's class.  Clear, precise, manageable tips and goals and a lot of laughter too!  The best!

Molly McDowell


"I just had a coaching with Polly and I cannot thank her enough. She helped me find a way into the material that I'd not have been able to do on my own. She really knows her stuff. Thanks, Polly!"

Vanessa Spica

"Polly lays out the basics of business relationships in this industry that takes away the icky-ness most artists try to avoid."

Justin Randolph

Accountability Group

"Thank you to The Actor's Friend I am now seeing things in a new light! What a difference one session can make."

Langley Brandon

Private Coaching

"Superb! Swift and informative, with something to offer everyone of every ability."

Nancy Fox

"I'm a go-getter, but Polly's accountability group gives me support I can't get on my own. Showing up consistently and setting mini-goals means I can see my patterns of perfectionism (too much homework!) or procrastination (same old homework!). In a business that can feel like the stars align one day and leave you lonely and scrolling Facebook the next, our accountability group is a welcome reminder that we're all walking the same road. Polly is truly The Actor's Friend!"

Katie Zaffrann

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