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  • Are you ready to take control and get some real measurable action happening in your acting career?


  • Are you struggling to get appointments without representation?


  • Do you feel that your agent or manager is not getting you the opportunities you want?


  • Are you floating on your own trying to make the next move?


  • Do you feel stuck?



Encouraging, supportive and fun! I've been much more productive. Highly recommended!

'm a go-getter, but Polly's accountability group gives me support I can't get on my own. Showing up consistently and setting mini-goals means I can see my patterns of perfectionism (too much homework!) or procrastination (same old homework!). In a business that can feel like the stars align one day and leave you lonely and scrolling Facebook the next, our accountability group is a welcome reminder that we're all walking the same road. Polly is truly The Actor's Friend!

  • Online private meeting

  • MAXIMUM 6 actors per class

  • Membership to private Facebook Group

  • Individual goals and attention

  • Career focused homework

  • Online accountabilty group meeting twice a month

  • 3 month cycle

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